Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting – The name itself reveals its meaning.  Under this hosting option, the host provider offers their server to host multiple websites.  The hosting provider owns the hosting server along with full control and maintenance.

This type of hosting is useful for small website owners who run informational websites where there is no need to have a large data stored. When you have a large site with lot of data to be stored, this option might not serve your cause in the long run.

It is very similar like sharing common space with your flat mates.  The rent is shared by all the flat mates for using the kitchen, the washroom, etc. With the same analogy, in shared hosting, the resources like bandwidth, memory and so available at the hosting server shared among all the sites hosted in it.

If you are running a small website, then a shared hosting plan will be good option to invest in. This type of hosting is easy on your pocket as the resources are shared by various websites. This can be one of the cheapest option for hosting a website.

If you are just starting out and think that your website will be bigger after some months or years, then you can think of going for a dedicated plan. For the first few months or years, you can save some money by using shared plans. While choosing a hosting plan, one must do a thorough research.

Before selecting a hosting plan, you must find its reviews. Also, when shared hosting plans are concerned, since the resources are shared by many websites, sometimes, there is a speed issues with such hosting. But some companies like Righteous Mind have shared plans with no such issues as the service is topnotch. We don’t shy away telling that our company is best when it comes to give customer service and see that our servers uptime is always high so that your website always is online.

Why Us?

Righteous Mind emerged in this hosting business and developed its shared hosting features suits better for almost all small level business websites.

Unlike other service providers, we Righteous Mind don’t pack our server with full of websites. That ensures your site perform best.

By offering only the needed features, Righteous Mind offers you affordable hosting packages.

Advantages of availing Shared Hosting from Righteous Mind

Here are the lists of benefits offered to our clients who availed Shared Hosting service from us.

•    Our Shared Hosting service is pretty affordable when compared with all other service providers. Righteous Mind offers only needed resources for running websites to minimize the hosting cost for owners. However, owners can avail extra features at any time.

•    We offers you one-click installation of various tools including popular CMS service providers like WP, Wix and many more.

•    With our site creation tool, anyone who does not possess web designing skill and design a website.

Apart from that, We offers you a wide range of Shared Hosting packages along with a wide range of optional inclusive extra features that suits for all budget people.