Why measurement solutions are important for the entire customer journey and marketing campaigns ?

Marketers always discuss regarding the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns in their circles. In this the measurement solutions always finds its way to the conversation. It is indeed necessary to measure the marketing effectiveness of any campaign. A marketer spends thousands if not millions of dollars on a marketing campaign to get traffic. But if there is no measurement solution in place it becomes difficult to spend any further money on the campaign.

 Since effective measurement is the basic to growth for any campaign. Since the budget of a marketer is limited hence it is necessary to invest properly. Measurement solutions can help invest a marketer’s money properly. Another thing which a marketer can do before going full swing is test marketing campaigns setup.

Test marketing is one measurement solution to test the market before spending a large chunk of your budget so that there is minimal loss in case the market is not converting. This applies to all niches. Owing to a lot of competition online, it becomes difficult to get traffic for your website or your service or an ecommerce site. So in order to get relevant traffic it doesn’t harm to spend a few hundred dollars on a test campaign which can well be called as a measurement solution.

Customer satisfaction plays an important role in a buying process as the buying process does not end at buying. After sales service also is quiet important. For a customer journey, it is necessary to measure the customer satisfaction and customer buying process efficacy. If a customer is not satisfied he can do a negative campaign for you. You might have thousands of five star reviews, but human psychology checks even a single negative review for your product which can drastically reduce your sales and hence hurt your business. So measurement solutions for customer journey are significant.

Now how to choose a measurement solution is a Goliath’s task. It is not a simple thing to choose a great measurement solution to measure marketing effectiveness. One aspect of a good measurement solution is ‘Trustworthiness’. It must be trustworthy. That is it must be transparent and must be verifiable by all parties including advertisers, publishers and providers of technology too.

Another aspect of selection of a measurement solution is that the solution must be ‘Intelligent’. That is the solution must be statistics rich and insightful. And also it must have comprehensive solutions and follow up actions bundled with it.

The third factor which choosing a measurement solution is that it must be easily ‘Actionable’, which means that the advertisers must be easily able to take an action on their campaigns and do necessary tweaks to the marketing campaign so that there is a proper investment of funds available.

Data forms an important part of any marketing campaign. Without proper data, one would be in dark which is dangerous as there is less visibility in the path to success. Hence a good measurement solution is important for entire customer journey and marketing campaigns.

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