Why contextual and banner advertising is important in digital marketing?

Getting traffic to website is becoming difficult as more and more websites come to the scene. There is a need to put your website in front of the general public in order to get traffic and hence sales. This is very important. Another great thing about advertising is that it brings about brand awareness too.

Contextual advertising is one form of advertising which is popular in digital marketing. It is widely used on many websites for getting link juice. This kind of advertising is a keyword phrase which is linked to the desired website with the help of an anchor tag. Contextual advertising is sometimes kept for a limited period of time with a ‘no follow’ attribute which means when search engine spiders crawl the site, they must not follow the link and go to the target website. However, recent Google updates also give importance to no-follow links. The cost of such advertising depends on the traffic statistics of the website on which the advertising is intended. If you want to place a contextual link on a popular website, it might cost you thousands of dollars. One cannot deny that contextual advertising is very important part of digital marketing.

Banner advertising is a type of advertising where an image banner of a square or a rectangular shape is placed on a website which is linked to the website which needs promotion. Banner advertising can be designed in such a way that they will attract clicks. That is why many of the banners have a call to action which mostly is to click the banner. A good designer will make a great design for a banner. A good copywriter can be hired to write a compelling ad copy. Image banners are not placed forever on a website and they do not give link juice like contextual advertising. Some popular websites charge a fixed amount per month for placing the banner on the website. Since more and more people are going mobile, the banner placed in the header section is mostly ignored as the reader wants to go to the context directly. Hence the placement of the banner is also important to get more banner clicks.

Some websites may inflate their statistics just in order to get banner and contextual advertising to earn quick money. So a digital marketer needs to be cautious and verify the sources of the traffic to the website. For a professional digital marketer, it is necessary to dig deep into the statistics to find the veracity of the traffic. 

Before investing in any advertising platform, a digital marketer has to take into account many things like budget, reach, target audience, etc. Some platforms might not be good for some products. So the advertising platform must be taken into account before spending any money. Contextual advertising and banner advertising are two forms of advertising which are popular and suit almost all types of products and services which can be advertised on myriad of platforms.

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