What is AMP (accelerated mobile pages) impact on SEO?

Online marketing has evolved into a new phase. It’s hard for site owners to get optimum benefits by simply investing in mobile optimization.   

As the mobile phones users, especially the Smartphone usages keep hitting its new high every time. Web owners and marketers need to optimize their web content/design to ease user’s navigation. 

To promote mobile search engine optimization, the internet giant Google enters into a new project AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages).

Accelerated Mobile Pages was started as a competition to Facebook’s Instant Articles. It is actually a website technology for publishing beautiful websites for quick consumption on the go. Since mobile users are all time high in number, one needs to be alert of the new developments coming to the mobile devices and technology.

Today AMP gives 8% of all web traffic for all the web publishers in the United States of America.

AMP pages are flexible to browse on all mobile platforms, be it Android or iOS or any other mobile operating system. They can be browsed on all browsers. Earlier, webpages had compatibility issues with most browsers across most platforms.

Other great thing about AMP is its loading time. For SEO, Google considers page loading times as an indicator of good on page optimization. Faster websites are known to get better search rankings.

The AMP feature is good for news and updates websites. Also, for blogs sharing and writing regular content to be consumed by readers. Then it is beneficial for SEO of a website. One cannot therefore deny that AMP affects SEO of a site.

Another impact that AMP has on SEO is reduction in bounce rates. For a desktop site, there are many resources loaded by a desktop site. Most of the people now open sites on mobile devices and hence, are impatient to open sites on mobile. So, there is a bounce rate, that is the visitor bounces off or leaves your site. This is avoided through AMP.

What is Accelerate Mobile Pages (AMP)?

AMP is an open source program specially designed for optimizing the web content suitable to mobile format.

The Google Carousel results shows, the websites with AMP enabled gains better results by improved positioning in Google search result page.

What AMP does actually?

•    It’s a mobile user interface platform that offers a better mobile user experience.

•    It boosts site loading speed in mobile devices by cutting down HTML features in WebPages.

•    It uses Google’s Cache to speed up site’s loading time in mobile devices.

•    AMP predominately designed to load content first rather than images and advertisements.

Benefits of AMP

•    High Response Mobile Friendly WebPages

•    Reduces user’s bounce rate in mobile format

•    Speeds site’s loading time in mobile version extremely

AMP will be a fruitful thing but, should aware of the facts and stats of the site before implementing AMP. A website with no heavy features actually loads fast, for such sites there’s no need for AMP. 

Think of the business sector, site visitors and loading features of a website before adapting to AMP.

Bottom line is that there is an effect on SEO of a website when one adapts AMP.

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