Build Trust with Remarketing campaigns

Internet marketers spend a lot of money on marketing campaigns online. Every day, millions of dollars are spent on optimisation of campaigns. Finding a target market online and then converting them is a humongous task. In a survey, it was indicated that when an advertisement is seen at least seven times, the person watching the advertisement will want to know more about it because of curiosity. Impressions do not cost more if the campaign is made is a Pay per Click advertisement agency like Google Ads. So it just makes sense in remarketing campaigns.

Remarketing campaigns are those campaigns which are used to show advertisements to people who have already visited an app or websites. This means that the same advertisement can be targeted to same visitors for repeat purchases. This can save a lot of money for an internet marketer.

Another advantage of remarketing is that it helps build a brand. It helps by showing your ad again and again on websites, YouTube videos, partner sites so that your brand can be kept on the top of mind. Visitors will be tempted to come back for learning more about the product and services.   

Remarketing can also be called as Retargeting. Retargeting can help improve the rate of conversion and improve the return on investment of the marketers. If a dollar is spent on the ad, then with retargeting you can get full value of your dollar.

It is simple to start a remarketing campaign. The process is cakewalk. If you are already advertising on one of the advertising sites like Google Ads, you can add a piece of code which is also called a pixel or a tag to your website, that way visitors can add to remarketing audiences through cookies.

Google display network boasts of very big numbers. 92% of US internet is part of the Google display network. With more than 400 billion impressions per month and 290 million visitors, and being a huge advertising network it makes sense in investing into Google ads. But Google Ads can get costlier if they are not optimized wisely. If remarketing is used, then the same advertisement can be shown to the same users again and again so that the advertisement can elicit clicks. This can help reducing the cost of the digital marketing campaigns.

For making sure that remarketing campaign is effective and efficient it is necessary that some tests need to be run. First up all, the Ad testing which means that the advertisement needs to be experimented before running it online. The ad copy, images, videos used need to be tested. This will help you to know which combination will get the more number of clicks. Other type of testing which need to be done then Custom Combination testing, Frequency Cap testing, Bid testing, and Landing Page testing. These all testing are important so that the remarketing campaign is efficient and effective. Building trust is important as trust can help you gain more leads and hence more sales in the process.

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